Quest 79: Our company challenge to inspire ourselves and those around us

After our Lockdown 2.0 team desk cycling challenge for FORCE Cancer charity, we were looking for another initiative to keep the team positive, active and inspired. After listening to a Clubhouse discussion, we stumbled upon Quest 79 and our team challenge was found!

What is Quest 79?

Explorer and Paralympic athlete Karen Darke is the founder of Quest 79 Inspirational Challenges. She feels her journey and purpose through life has been uniquely connected to gold – the 79 in Quest 79 comes from the fact that 79 is the atomic number for gold. Plus her gold medal in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games was the 79th medal for her country!

Originally Karen launched Quest 79 to raise £79K for The Spinal Injuries Association charity, whilst cycling across seven continents in nine rides on her handbike. This has grown into something bigger, Quest 79 is about making the world a brighter place while also helping to find your inner gold.

Karen says “We aim to inspire thousands of young people around the world to believe in themselves and their dreams, and to embrace our message around ICE: Inner Gold; Connection; Environment. Being brave enough to seek our inner gold, connect with others, and respect and embrace our environment, then personal change can lead to local and global change.”

The Quest79 Challenge asks people to…

“Take a moment, decide what you love or what you’d like to change…and create your own unique Quest 79 project. Then when you’re ready, with a mix of excitement with a bit of fear and the question ‘Can I really do this?’, register your Quest and let your adventure begin!”

Embracing the “Inner Gold, Connection & Environment” we have challenged each of our team to come up with their own challenges inspired by Quest 79. Some are choosing to cycle 79 miles, run 79km, do 79 random acts of kindness.

As a company, Launch Online is also giving each team member £79 to spend on something which embraces the ICE challenge, whether it is a learning course, giving to a charity, reading 79 books or something similar.

Our Quest 79 launched on 16 February (7+9=16!). We’ve already started our Quests, follow our journey on our social media to track our progress.

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